Sustainability in Plantscaping

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Sustainability in Plantscaping

Sustainability is Job One

Plant Pros’ environmental values and commitments are the foundation of our organization. We are committed to achieving interior environmental excellence throughout our accounts by continuously maintaining clean and pest-free plants.

Our present environmental policies include:

    • The exclusive use of organic pest control to maintain the health of Plant Pros’ plants in the most natural and non-toxic manner available
    • Plant Pros follows a policy of composting plants and other materials as they become outdated or unsightly for recycling and sustainability of earth’s natural resources. 
    • Plant Pros utilizes only non-toxic water containers, recycled in bulk, for the duration of their useful lives
    • Plant Pros recycles all water containers and outdated pots for sustainable development which considers local self-reliance, through our concerned management
    • What’s good for your business today is also good for the future of society 
    • Plant Pros organizes their workplace to minimize impact on the environment


We, Plant Pros, are responsible citizens of the planet earth, and maintain that responsibility within your business environment. We respectfully and responsibly reuse each and every consumable or obsoleted component in the maintenance of plant health in your business environment.


We urge our customers to adopt our earth-friendly policies whenever possible; working together with each business to reduce any negative impact upon the environment to a level to which the earth’s self-recovery capability can deal.


The environmentally friendly products that we provide for each of our customers are PLANTS, a renewable resource which decomposes quickly and completely back into the earth, promoting a sustainable environment. We are the cornerstone of our client’s Green Policy, providing a more pleasant visual environment for our clients with professional services that diminish the levels of carbon dioxide and add oxygen to the office atmosphere. A healthy, oxygen-rich environment is proven to be crucial to the health of any home, office, or business.


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