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Tips to keep your orchids healthy & happy!

Phalaenopsis Orchids are the most common orchids in our area.  They can be purchased at local supermarkets, large chain stores and garden centers. When choosing your orchid, be sure to choose a plant that is not fully in flower, but one that has several healthy buds on their stems. Buds that appear dull or loose will probably never open, leaving you with a flowerless plant. Choose orchids with tight buds that appear to have a slight sheen to them. These buds will mostly likely open and produce beautiful flowers, with proper care.


The majority of our customers seem to have a fear of orchids, saying,  “I kill them”, when actually, the plant has just gone out of flower, leaving the green leaves and an empty stem. Continuing to properly  water the remaining plant after cutting back the stem to just below the last bloom, can possibly produce additional flowers in a few months, so you must have patience!  Yes, you can “kill” an orchid by overwatering, under watering or leaving them in direct sunlight or draft. This will cause the flowers to drop prematurely, leaves to fall off or shrivel. Consistently watering correctly, once per week, until the growing medium is just moist and allowing the plant to dry out between waterings will help to ensure your plant’s health. Never water to the point of allowing the plant to sit in water! 


Orchids like a bright room with filtered sunlight and a humid environment of about 68 degrees fahrenheit.  Misting the plants periodically in the mornings will allow the plants to absorb moisture throughout the day. Moisture left on the flowers could cause them to rot so be sure to spray during the day, and not at night to give the plants time to properly absorb the water.


We hope these tips help rid you of your “fear” of orchids. Follow these simple steps to help your precious orchids stay happy and even bloom multiple times throughout their lifetime!

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