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Top 8 Reasons Your Office Should Have Plants

Your Office Needs Plants! Here’s Why:


1. Cleans the air!

According to a study conducted by NASA, low-light houseplants or office plants have been known to improve the quality of indoor air by removing trace amounts of pollutants from the air in energy-efficient buildings. We suggest adding Snake Plants, Pathos and Dracaenas throughout your office space to add some flare and clean oxygen!


2. Increases productivity!

The University in Queensland Australia conducted a study and concluded that having an office decorated with plants can actually increase productivity by 15%! They say adding some green to the office shows that their employers care about their wellbeing. A happy employee is a productive employee!


3. Makes people happy!

This study analyzed by The Guardian says that adding houseplants to sparse office environments causes employees to engage more with one another, making them much happier. Similar results were found when lighting, scent and photographs were added into the environment. Who wouldn’t want to be happy while they’re working?


4. Reduces stress!

Not only does adding a plant to an office or room brighten and freshen the air, but it reduces stress! Researchers have found that hospital patients with indoor plants in their rooms reported lower stress levels than those without plants. Well, we don’t want your workers to end up in the hospital now, do we? We suggest adding some small plants in each office to help keep your employees happy, healthy and relaxed!


5. You and your employees will be healthier!

Health experts have found that having plants in an office environment can lower blood pressure, increase reaction times, improve attendance and raise job satisfaction. Most of the plants listed in this particular study are among those we can sell or rent to your office. So, I guess there really is a method to our green madness!


6. Increases creativity!

According to a study conducted at a 2013 Chelsea Flower Show, adding a floral arrangement or pot can make a once clinical, lean workplace feel more personal, resulting in making your staff more creative and productive. We smell some fresh promotions in the future!


7. Leaves a great first impression to clients!

Plants maintained by Plant Pros are always pleasing to the eye and maintained to perfection. When a client walks in and sees a nice green welcome committee, they’re sure to keep your business in high regards. Adding a plant to any space will make anyone feel more comfortable and happy to know you care about your product and employees.


8. Reduces noise!

While your office may be full of employees, furniture and electronic devices, have you ever noticed you can still hear a pin drop? Well, if you add plants to your office you can also reduce office noise by about five decibels. With a small group of plants in a large space, you’re sure to see a difference!

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